Another fashion website? There are plenty of such sites... Is this one different somehow?

By Visitor elena.veronika

When I came across the news of launching this brand new fashion website, I thought: "Another fashion website? There are plenty... Is this one different somehow?" And out of curiosity I visited Glosty. 

Despite of my prejudices and expectations, my first impression was actually "Wow!". From the first sight, it looks very cozy with an interesting purple color. The first thing that catches attention is the heading image. It is an illustration of runway models cut into several body pieces. Seems weird until you realize that it is actually a puzzle game!!! It is pretty exciting to move the pieces and put together the entire looks of models. 

The next thing that attracted my attention was the sign "Create an article". Really? Can we also write fashion articles here? And YES! I'm doing it now! I appeared on this page out of curiosity and it is really fun. Of course, this is not a fashion article that I'm writing (and there is no category for this type of article!!!), but I hope the Glosty's admins won't mind if I share my opinion about the website here. But brace yourself! I'm full of ideas to write articles related to fashion and beauty! Here it is very easy, no need for setting up a blog or separate website, just sign up!

There is another thing I really like on Glosty. This website has a very narrow categorization of articles. It allows to filter the articles according to interests and categories. Personally I am more interested in Fashion bloggers and Street fashion, so I can just pick these Interests on Glosty and read articles of this area. 

So, YES! Glosty really offers something new. I'd say it is a common fashion blog, where every enthusiast can create articles and share views on fashion trends and news. 

I guess there is still a lot to discover on Glosty. But the chance to try writing fashion articles is a unique offering by this fashion website.
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