Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

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Should you cut your hair short if you are over 50? We will discuss why it is recommended to keep hair short after a certain age and we will show some short haircuts you can try on as a woman over fifty.


There is a common belief that women need to wear shorter hair as they get older. In fact, this is not a rule but a really good advice for women over 50 about how to look at their best. The reason behind this beauty rule is that hair change texture and become thinner with age and it needs more care. Shorter hair are easy to look after and to style at home, that’s why many women opt for this.


You may say that some celebrities have their hair long after reaching the age of 50. And this is true – Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore and Jessica Parker are good examples for this. They look awesome at their 50s with long shiny and polished locks. But, keep in mind that all celebrities have regular access to professional hairdressers and they spend heaps of money and time on hair care. I’m sure their hair are treated appropriately to enhance the quality and health.


So, I am completely for long hair at any age as long as it looks nurtured and controlled. But if it looks coarse and dry, there is no use of keeping it long.


Clair Underwood from the House of Cards. Hair stylists of the show styled her with a short cut to ac

If you are a business lady and you run your own entrepreneurship, short hair is a strong tool to create an image of a powerful woman. In ancient Egypt, queens used to wear fake beards in gold to accentuate that they are equally powerful as male rulers. Let’s say that in modern world short hairstyle is a substitute to a beard. Of course, we don’t need to look like men to work with them on equal terms, our actions will speak of our equal abilities and rights. However, it is common that women with long hair are associated as “unprofessional” and “insecure” creating negative impacts in a workplace. On the other hand, women with short hair are accepted as being “intelligent” and “confident”.


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Estee Lauder



If you are convinced to cut your hair short, don't be nervous and remember that sticking to short haircuts does not actually mean a boring and uninteresting life with no fancy hair styling. There are plenty of styles for short hair that you can try on and change over and over again. There are also numerous shades of grey or other colors that you might want to try. My advice would be not to stick to a certain short hairstyle. Try out all possible styles that match your face shape from wavy bobs to straight symmetric mid-chin length cut, from grey short pixie to swept-back blonde locks. The good thing is that short haircuts require more often trimming and it means you can always ask your hairdresser to add an edgy detail to your cut.


And more, if you are keen on leaving your hair un-coloured (grey or white), a short haircut would be your best option. The simple reason is that short grey or white hair look neat and tailored while long grey hair look really ‘witchy’ and gives you a hippie look.  


Here are some suggestion on beautiful short haircuts. If you need more inspiration on any kind of short hairstyles for all ages, follow Glosty’s Pinterest board “Short Hairstyles” to get regularly updated inspiration.

pinterest board for short haircuts

Classic Pixie Haircut


Pixie cut comes in different lengths depending on preferences. You can opt for a boyish (yet feminine) very short pixie haircut (remember Audrey Hepburn?) or you can go for a bit longer pixie. And bear in mind that grey hair looks just awesome with a pixie cut.


short pixie haircut for women over 50
Nothing But Pixies

short pixie haircut for women over 50Nothing but Pixies

Pixie With Side Swept Bangs Or Elongated Bangs

Pixie haircut with bangs is a very feminine and chic style - its accentuates the creativity and elegance. 

short pixie haircut with side swept bangs for women over 50
Style at a Certain Age


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Swept Back Locks

Eden Sassoon is a daughter of the famous hair stylist and philanthropist Vidal Sassoon and she continues her father's legacy. Not sure how old Eden is, but her back swept hairstyle is a perfect inspiration for confident women.

eden sasson with back swept locksInstagram: @EdenSassoon

Vintage Style

Do you remember Meryl Streep in "Devil Wears Prada" movie? Beautiful Maryl successfully played the role of a powerful head editor of Vogue magazine. Try out her style to add some vintage twist to your cut. 

meryl streep with white short haircut in vintage style

Fan Pop


Classic Bob

Classic bob with bangs is an iconic hairstyle of Anna Wintour, that has not been changed for years. Again, it is up to you what length you would prefer and whether you want to have bangs. This haircut is a timeless trend and will be fashionable always.

classic bob haircut for women over 50

Instagram: @hairbyolena

Short Bob

Shortened bob is a more edgy style. If you are confident enough to wear it, you will nail it. 

short bob haircut for women over 50

 Instagram: @Accidental Icon

Asymmetric Rounded Bob

This asymmetric rounded bob is a perfect choice for women with round face shape. It gives some volume to the hair and adds a creative note to the cut.

asymmetric bob haircut for women over 50
50 Is Not Old

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