How A Fashion Stylist Tackle Job Hunting

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Looking for a job is not easy and you can do it in different ways. There are thousands of vacancies on the internet. The Saturday and Sunday newspapers are also full of them. And more and more companies are saying via social media that they have vacancies. How do you find your dream job?

The preparation

Let's help the dream straight away: your dream job does not exist. You can only search for a position that suits you as well as possible. Why do self-examination, and remember where you five years to be. In this way you keep your ambitions realistic and you achieve your goals. Then orient yourself to the job you are looking for.

In his book ' The Tipping Point ', Malcolm Gladwell writes:
  1. 56% of the people had found their job by networking.
  2. 18.8% through formal channels (job openings, head hunter).
  3. 20% had applied directly (via an open application).
The numbers are still valid on the whole. Various other studies also indicate that most people find a job through online websites. Also, advertisements in newspapers and magazines or classified websites in UK (Ogloszenia UK) still deliver a high success rate. But many jobs are never published. So also delve into the hidden labor market.
There are thousands of vacancies in job boards on Ogloszenia UK for polish people. Do not stare blindly at it. Before you know it you will spend hours surfing around. There is a lot of repetition of advertisements, there are many placements from other sites and from newspapers. It is of course a good way to search based on criteria.

The quest

In order not to get stuck in the hundreds of vacancies, it is advisable to make a plan for how you are going to search. For example, do the following:

Spend one day on the selection of a few general or local job boards like Syrenka (no more than three). In the future, you can view those job boards once or twice a week. Investigate whether there is a specialized job bank for your field. Register there and subscribe to any notification service.

Don't forget the traditional media and the trade journals. A subscription is often expensive, but most newspapers and magazines can also be viewed in the library and vacancies are often also posted on the website.

Get started with your network: map it. Conduct information interviews and organize 'wheelbarrows'. Remember: asking is free.

Post your profile on a business networking site that offers jobs such as LinkedIn so that potential employers can find you.

Search for good employment agencies and recruitment and selection agencies. Also register on Syrenka if you're an unemployed polish speaker in UK.

The sheep with five legs

Employers often ask a lot. The advertisements contain long lists of things that you must meet as an applicant. Learn to value those lists and have a suitable answer to the requested job requirements. You must learn to read job openings.

Not everyone fits with every organization. It is wise to form a good picture of the organization where you are applying. Organizational cultures differ and it works better if your life and work style matches the organization.


Only when you are well oriented do you really start applying. This requires that you have a good story, a good letter and a good CV. The better your preparation and the more focused your search, the easier it is to apply.
Those who are threatened with dismissal can often get support with applying through an outplacement agency.
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