20 Types and Styles of Skirts To Wear

By Visitor ClementAna

Skirts are the most feminine essentials in the wardrobe of every woman. Throughout the history the length and style of skirts have been changed to suit to the spirit of the time and century. And today, designers make efforts to offer new styles of skirts (such as just introduced double skirts) and every new "invention" is quickly adopted by females all over the world. Thanks to the historical development of this second-oldest garment known to people, today we have a huge variety of more than 20 types of skirts to choose. 

The length of the skirt is the first thing to consider while fitting it to a body type. Many skirts are designed for almost all lengths - mini, knee length (above or below knee), tea length (mid of calf), ballerina length and floor length. Skirts are also categorized according to the material, such as leader skirts, denim skirts and etc. 

Here I'll introduce you to the 20 basic types and styles of skirts. Learn it to know the names of what you wear! Also it's very useful for those who love to sew; and remember that skirt is the easiest garment for sewing. Let's get started!

Accordion skirt

A-line skirt

Asymmetric skirt

Ballerina skirt

Bell-shaped skirt

Bubble skirt

Circle skirt

Full skirt

Gored skirt

Gypsy skirt

Hobble skirt

Layered skirt

Mermaid skirt

Pencil skirt

Pleated skirt

Sarong skirt

Straight skirt

Tulip skirt

Wrap skirt

Yoke-waist skirt

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