Style Lessons from the Most Stylish Teen: Kylie Jenner

By Visitor Roberta
Kylie Jenner is one of the most stylish A-listers in Hollywood. She is known for her experimental style. 

Today we will discuss fabulous looking street style of Kylie Jenner. There is no doubt, Kylie rocks the street style! 

White Long Coat and Nude Bodysuit

Some weeks ago Kylie Jenner posted a photo wearing a long sleeve bodysuit by Maison Margiela, full length coat by the Row Nalaton, crepe pants by Phillip Lim and high top sneakers by Acne Adrian.

It's for a fact, Kylie Jenner knows the style!

Source: Instagram@ kyliejenner

From Kylie Jenner's look we should learn the following:

1. Bodysuits go with almost every look. Nude color is a very elegant and a fashion color, which is perfect for any skin tone, for any season and for any occasion. Nude color and long sleeve bodysuit bring together a minimalist look. 

2. White long coat looks glamorous, great and rich. White is a non-color, neutral color, which means that theoretically white color goes with everything. The truth is white coat looks best with anything.

3. Crepe pants not only look fabulous, but are also comfortable. 

4. High-top sneakers are Kylie's favorite ones, as they are cool and go with everything.
Let us create the same look for less with other shops.

Source: neimanmarcus

Source: missguidedus

Source: neimanmarcus

Source: aldoshoes

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Red Sweater and Grey Pants

In this photo Kylie is wearing VFILES SPORT PLUS+ red polar fleece pullover and grey polar fleece pants. 

Let us discuss the outlook of Kylie Jenner:

1. Fleece pullover provide a stylish look and a comfortable fit. Red color is associated with heat, love, passion, joy and activity. It is the color of happiness.

2. Polar fleece pants are both fashionable and affordable. Grey color is a neutral color which goes perfectly with almost everything. This color is associated with neutrality. 

If you want to create this kind of look as Kylie does, see below:

Red Bomber Jacket and Leather Pants

On January 22nd Kylie posted a photo where she arrives at the Nice Guy wearing a bomber jacket by Louis Vuitton and leather leggins by J Brand.

You should know:

1. The sporty look has never been more in style, so bomber jacket is the perfect way to get your best fit. Bomber jackets have already secured its position as a cool fit. To complete your sporty look, you can wear it with a pair of skinny jeans or with leather pants like Kylie Jenner does.

2. Leather pants always look cool, amazing, chic and glam. You can wear them almost every season. They will make you feel sexier as all the leather pieces do.

See below less expensive bomber jackets and leather pants:

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Black Mini Dress and White Sneakers

Kylie Jenner posted a photo where she is wearing mini dress by Alexander Wang and white sneakers by Adidas originals.

Kylie likes to look stylish!

Get some idea what sort of style look has been used by the celebrity:

1. Black mini dresses are chick and sexy. You can wear it to any event.

2. There is no doubt that you can wear white sneakers in so many different ways. Here Kylie wears them with mini dress. White sneakers worn back with black mini dress is a casual look at its best.

Create the style alike:

"Supreme" T-Shirt, Black Bomber Jacket and Grey Pants

A couple of days ago Kylie posted this photo in her Instagram. Here she is wearing Supreme Box Logo T-shirt, Bomber Jacket by Alexander Digenova and Fear of God Drawstring pants.

1. White T-shirt is a closet essential and basic piece for every woman. But you need to use it in a perfect way to get your best fit.

2. Black casual bomber jacket makes a deserving style statement. Black bomber jacket with grey pants and white tee looks so cool and  great.

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