How To Be An It Girl During The Milan Fashion Week

By Visitor ClementAna
Successfully closing off the London Fashion week, the next destination of this immense event of the season is the heart of the Italian fashion - Milan. In fact, many popular fashion houses originate exactly from Italy: Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and tens of other designer brands. So, the expectations from the streetstyle representatives are very high. What would be worn in the streets of Milan should pretty correspond to the high level and prestige of local designers. 

During the New York and London fashion weeks, we've seen colourful accessories (especially handbags), jeanswear, high platforms, loose shirts, couple of Spongebob outfits and white sneakers with maxi skirts. Olivia Palermo has been classy and chic as always in one-colour ensembles. Miroslava Duma with a growing bump has been quite impressive adding her personal sense of style in wearing pregnancy wear. I hope that the It girls and fashion bloggers have not got tired and bored of dressing up and they will still impress us with their creative looks during the upcoming Milan fashion week.

But, what would you wear for the fashion week in Milan? To look like an It girl, I give some suggestions in the form of outfit sets that will help to create fashionable looks and be in the center of attention. Here are the three sets:

Source: Top/Avenue32Skirt/Avenue32Skirt/NastyGalBag/Avenue 32

Source: TopshopAvenue 32Bag/Net-A-PorterShoes/Net-A-Porter

Source:  TopshopAvenue32Shoes/Net-A-PorterSunglasses/FarfetchHandbag/Farfetch
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