Andres Gallardo - Jewelry From Broken Porcelain

By Visitor ClementAna

Brokenporcelain is an incredible concept in fashion jewelry world, a complete new approach to the art of creating pieces of adornment. These are the brilliant creations of a cooperative work between Spanish fashion designer Andres Gallardo and a graphic and textile designer Marina Casal. Without conducting a formal jewelry training, they developed a unique and original concept for designing jewelry. The entire creative idea is to take the pieces of broken porcelain, repolish them and combine with metal, leather and crystal fragments to handcraft nature-based and surrealistic ensembles. The parts of antique and forgotten porcelain is taken from the dust and brought back into the live through intuitive designer thinking.

Andres Gallardo and Marina Casal improvise with all types of jewelry, from rich floral necklaces to animal rings and bracelets. On these precious jewelry pieces you will find glittering porcelain heads of panther, elephants, zebras and wild cats, the finely detailed porcelain flowers and an abstract game of animal creatures. This jewelry looks more like an art and exactly this make it exceptional and exotic. 

So, enjoy the images of Andres Gallardo's recent jewelry collection and explore more of his works on www.andresgallardo.es.

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