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What is the difference between a minimally designed interior from the one that's just filled with a lot of stuff? Creating simple spaces isn't hard, but it does require a special balance of key design ingredients to make the right mix with minimal items.

I often hear critique about minimalist homes: They appear  to be cold and unattractive for many people. Truly, minimalist design can reduce the warmth of our environment. However, there are some tricks that can make your space cozier without adding more stuff.


Having a minimalist home doesn’t mean that you can't decorate it with accessories. The principle is to use them as accents and not to go overboard. All of the items get a huge importance in a minimalist space because each of them creates a big difference in the room. So, regardless it is a chair, a vase or just a candle – each one should be unique but still be closely connected to the others in the overall picture.

The same goes for art pieces such as paintings - it’s better to choose one large canvas rather than a group of small ones.


The area rug, the lamp and the artwork in this picture completely solve the purpose.

Source: A Tizediken

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To add some depth and to break the lack of variety in color scheme, you can use pieces with different textures. Choose different types of frames or special embroidery on pillows. It can be something not so evident, but something that changes the coziness without taking a lot of space. For this very reason variety of textures continues to be an important element in minimal spaces.

The use of crystals, fur, patterned duvet and planked floor creates a perfectly classy environment in a picture below.  

Source: Apartment Therapy

Also, pay attention to the bare windows in this picture. It lets the light pour in and makes the room look bigger. In case of privacy problems the lightest curtains or blinds can be another option for minimalist homes. 

Source: Jelanie Shop

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When your furnishings and décor are minimalist, natural materials, such as a reclaimed wood table, a wool area rug, beeswax candles, convey a wonderful sense of warmth.



A standing mirror can be a great investment for a minimalist, as it’s not just a décor item, but also a commonly used product. It adds a sense of wealth and class to the space.

Source: Design Shuffle

Two mirrors - double the light and double the space!


There is a trick you can do with mirrors if the window has a scenic view. A mirror needs to be positioned so that it reflects the view from the window like in the picture below, where you can hardly tell which one is the window and which is the mirror. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

Source: Room Envy


For your home decoration, purchase a plant, a vase of flowers, a cluster of branches from a home décor store, or use unusual rocks you’ve gathered on a hike. They’re rather cheap and add a beautiful, organic look to your space.


Source: Shop Bella Vita


Simple objects can become special decorations too. In the image below, the designer creatively used bottles as vases and the mirror to add height, light, elegance, wealth and art to the space.

Source: Eenig Wonen

Besides having aesthetic benefits, minimalist design also has practical sides - at least there are less things to clean. So, you might think of giving your room a new look in the near future.


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