The health benefits of wine.

By Visitor Andy

The scientists call it “the French paradox”. Drinking wine in moderation, specially red one, can be good for your health and protect you from certain diseases. There are countless studies that prove this theory.

Since ancient times wine was known for its health benefits. Hippocrates- the father of western medicine assumed that wine could heal one from headaches, indigestion and sciatica. Even the romans believed in healing properties of the grape juice. Julius Caesar’s soldiers were ordered to drink wine every day-not only for the spiritual strengthening, but also for protection against intestinal infections.

Today various articles and studies prove the fact that rare red wine are linked to weight loss. Specific red wine grapes contain ellagic acid, which helps people fight with obesity. Wine also enhances heart health for those people who exercise a lot. Many studies proved that wine has some anti-cancer benefits also.

There is a special field in medicine called vinotherapy which prophylaxis and treats the diseases with wine.   Today vinotherapy is the most pleasant and fashionable method to improve health and have a good mood. This method of treatment supposes not only intake but you can also tak spa therapies and use “wine cosmetics”, such as masks containing red wine and healthy herbs. Besides wine grape oil, extracts and of course grape itself are included in vinotherapy. After a course of vinotherapy your skin will be cleansed, your immunity will be risen.

            As we all know wine, especially red one, contains many useful components such as potassium, calcium, zinc, fructose, vitamins (B1, B2, C), tannins, mineral substances, organic acids  etc. A cup of wine guarantees you a tranquil and strong sleep. Red wine contains antioxidants, which keep your skin smooth and beautiful. One of the most important medical substanses of red wine is resveratrol which is an intense antioxidant. So applying this component is grounded mostly in anti-ageing cosmetics.
As a conclusion I can add only one thing: drink more wine and stay beautiful, happy and healthy !


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