Outdoor Heated Undershirt for Fishermen

By Visitor patriciaringca
What is it? A unique development for tourists, fishermen, hunters and all those who spend a lot of time outdoors during the cold season.

What is valuable? Heated Undershirt helps maintain optimal body temperature, avoid hypothermia and feel comfortable even during prolonged exposure to frost. The available settings for the intensity of heating will help regulate the temperature and receive the amount of heat that is required at a particular moment. The location of the heating elements on the back and front of the shirt is coordinated with physiologists and is absolutely harmless to human health. The heated undershirt can be worn under any of your own clothing. The T-shirt is made in a universal size and, thanks to the excellent stretching material, will fit in sizes from 30 to 50.

How does it work? The tank top is made of thin lightweight and mesh material - lycra. 8 heating elements are sewn into the back and front of the shirt, the location of which has been carefully coordinated with physiologists. It will activate within minutes of removing the UnderWarmer® from its packaging.
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