A lipstick that will match you best

By Visitor Ann
Thousands of girls of any age usе lipsticks of any kind across the globe. When there is a necessity to choose or to buy a lipstick for us we have to do this individually because the choice of our lipstick mostly depends on the color of our skin and the type of our lips and in order not to ruin our look we have to do this very carefully.

But when we are lost or uncertain over the right lipstick we can always ask а cosmetologist to help us or read some articles in the net for picking up the right color. For example my cosmetologist advises me to use lipsticks with bright colors as she finds the bright one more suitable for my look opposed to the dark one.

To be sure of this I made a little experiment and have applied different colors of lipstick. It turned out that my cosmetologist was quite right and I started giving my preference to bright colors ever since.

But if you are still uncertain over your choice I offer to have a look at some lipsticks and glosses by Maybelline and maybe it will help you to finally find a suitable color for yourself.

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