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Where do you watch fashion videos such as runway shows, interviews with fashion people and beauty campaigns? The first thing to come into your mind is definitely YouTube. Of course, on YouTube you can search with a corresponding keyword for any fashion video and thousands of results will be popped up on your screen. Or you can ask the omniscient Google for the recent fashion video news, blogs and channels.

I personally prefer to browse fashion video clips on the websites dedicated exclusively to fashion. Here you don't have to express high level of creativity to insert a keyword for finding desired videos. You just pick up a genre or category suggested by a website and watch available videos. It is perfect especially if you have nothing special on your mind and you just look for inspiration. So, below is the list of the top five online platforms where you can easily watch videos related to fashion and beauty. Enjoy it!

1. A video channel of Vogue magazine - www.video.vogue.com 

The Vogue channel was launched in partnership with Conde Nast media company. The videos are comfortably categorized into genres such as Beauty, Art, How-To, Parties, Travel & Lifestyle. You will also like the mini-series aired on the channel - The Monday Makeover, Vogue Diaries, Voguepedia, Vogue Fashion Week. My favorite one is the Vogue Stylists, when two different looks are styled creatively from a single item.  

2. The video channel of Style.com - www.video.style.com

Style.com is owned by the same Conda Nast media company and its web-design is similar to Vogue's video channel. However, the content is completely different, as Style.com has its own series on air. Here you will find My favorite mini-series which is called Beauty Icons. Kayleen McAdmas is an amazing celebrity makeup artist, who shows in her videos how to replicate beauty looks of celebrities. 

You will find some other interesting series such as Backstage BeautyBehind the Scenes and Designer Profiles out there on website.

3. HarpersBazaar - www.harpersbazaar.com/fashion/fashion-videos

Check out fashion and beauty videos on the website of popular HarpersBazaar magazine. Videos include exclusive interviews with celebrities like Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and others. You will not find such a big diversity of videos as in Vogue's and Style.com's video channels, but it is worth visiting HarpersBazaar's website because of the exclusive nature of videos.   

4. FashionTube - www.fashiontube.com

It is a video-sharing website dedicated only to fashion. Whatever you browse here relates to fashion industry. You can filter video clips by choosing from groups of categories which are very distinguish on FashionTube: Films, Television, Shows and Campaigns. 

And moreover, you can sign up and upload here your fashion and beauty video clips. So, don't hesitate, broadcast yourself on FashionTube! And don't forget to share your experience on Glosty!  

5. FashionTV - www.fashiontv.com/videos

FashionTV is one of the most widely distributed international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting channels. On the online page of the channel you can enjoy your time by browsing different fashion video clips from Top Photographers to Top Victoria's Secret Models.

If you want to recommend other websites useful for browsing fashion videos, please share it in comments.
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