7 Items I bought from Nasty Gal's 70 Percent Sale

By Visitor Bella
When I just heard of the 70% sale on Nasty Gal, the first thought came to my mind was "I'm going to spend out lots of money", but my "rational me" strictly warned: "Keep calm and set a maximum budget to spend!". 

I do love Nasty Gal's designers and the clothing they offer. Why? Because the design is different from other online stores. Nasty Gal's clothing emphasize the individuality of women and I am one of the females that want to be seen in the crowd. 

Actually, I really hurried up to do my discounted shopping, because Nasty Gal is one of the few stores that is not often offers sales as the rest of the online shops do. However, it has its loyal customers and it sells 93% of its inventory at full price. That's why, I had to use the chance to purchase my favourite pieces with sale. 

So, what did I buy? My "rational me" pushed me to think practical and purchase clothing that I am really going to wear. One of the mysterious things in women that men will never understand is that we often buy clothing and leave them hanging in the wardrobe without wearing them even once. This is because it was over or undersized or there were no proper occasions to wear them or we just forget about that pieces. I am trying not to be that kind of person. So, I really tried to do a practical shopping on Nasty Gal.

Next month is the fifth anniversary of my relations with my partner, so we are going to celebrate it in a special way. Accordingly, the dress (and definitely it should be a dress!) should be special. After listing the pages with all the sexy dresses on Nasty Gal, I end up buying the below one - a black structured dress with leather inserts at sides, back and straps. I think it is the one that I really wanted. How do you like it?

My next item in the shopping list was this baby-blue plaid coat-cardigan. The light blue colour is the trend of the Spring 2015, so I am going to look trendy when my shopping arrives :)

Check You Out Coatigan - $64

I need to update my jeans and this is the perfect one for me - skinny and high rise.

Nasty Gal Denim – The Kink Skinny in Le Freak - $61.60 

I am going to wear my new jeans paired with either the below black crop sweater or the white net sweater. 

I had an eye on this dress earlier and now I used the chance to purchase it. I'm planning to wear it particularly to work with classic heels and some massive bracelets maybe. 

Nasty Gal Heavy Metallic Jacquard Jacket Dress - $68.60

I was just about to check out when I noticed this skirt. This year asymmetry is the number one trend, so I purchased this skirt immediately. 

Madison Square Oblivion Skirt - $54.60

There are plenty of other gorgeous clothing for sale on Nasty Gal for any taste and style, however, as I said I set up a max budget and shopped only practical clothing. But, I have a feeling that I'll be back to the Nasty Gal soon to buy some more items. I'll keep you up-to date if I do :)
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