Swimsuit Tops

By Visitor BloggingWithMJ

Last time I wrote an article, it was a rant about vintage dresses and how expensive they are. (http://glosty.co/article/566271873214/my-issue-with-vintage-clothing#searchForm)
This time I am ranting about swimsuit tops. "I guess ranting is sort of my thing."

I have small breasts. (36B) Not incredibly small but still, small. So why is it that whenever I wear a swimsuit, the top always hurts? More specifically, the string that goes around the neck. It is so painful.

These types of swim tops.

swim top from: forever21

But it's not even like I tie it really tight. I could understand if I had bigger breasts, but I don't. I was just wondering if anyone else ever has this problem, and what I can do to make it stop hurting. I mean I could buy the tops like this.

swim top from: forever21

However, I don't really want to buy a new swimsuit because I already have swimsuits, so if I can help not buying a new one and just fix whatever it is that I'm doing wrong with the ones I have now, that would be great.

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