Green: How to Wear This Color of the Year

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Recently Pantone has announced the colour of the year – Greenery (yellow-green shade) and the fashion crowd has started to think of the best ways on how to wear this color. Granted, green is not the new black as it is quite tricky to style and match with other clothing hues. butt if you put a little bit effort, you will nail it and turn this color into your fashion statement of 2017.


Two shades of green will rule 2017 fashion world

Lucky us, there is another shade of green in the Pantone palette of fashion colors spring 2017. Kale, which is a darker tone (more into military khaki), along with the Greenery will prevail in the fashion industry this year. Of course Pantone did not just make up those greens, these shades have been featured by fashion designers during recent fashion shows and apparently these are the colors that fashion designers want to see us wearing this year. At a no time you will see fashion bloggers and celebrities rocking streets and red carpets in these awesome green hues, beaches will be crowded with green bikinis and a green crossbody bag will be a favourite item among fashionistas.

Sure, it is not an easy task to find wardrobe items exactly in this hues, so don’t feel restricted only with these two greens: whichever green shade you opt for will work perfectly this year.

Can you wear green throughout all seasons?


Green is a color of nature, and therefore many people wear it exclusive in spring and summer opting for more conservative shades in fall and winter. Of course, it is much easier to pull off a summerish look with a see-through light green dress, rather than matching green items with winter boots and beanies. However, let’s embrace challenges of green this year and experiment with integrating it into our wardrobe all year round.


How to wear green in fall and winter (cold seasons)


Green is a perfect color to warm up any cold season outfit and bring an interesting twist into your look. For those who are not ready to get out of their comfort zones, need to stick to the darker green hues. The rest can experiment with Greenery and create amazing edgy outfits. This is how you do that.


Rule N1

Get your hands on a perfect green coat or a khaki trench (or both!)

This is going to be your must-have for colder seasons and whatever you wear underneath will go perfectly with your green statement coat.

Cashmere in Style (left) and Irona and Silk (right)


Giovanna Battaglia and Wendy Nguyen


Rule N2

Accessorise your looks with a green bag

Regardless of what you wear, whether it is a monochrome all-in-white look with sneakers or a chic black dress on heels, a green bag will accentuate your individuality.

Hanna Elle

Athens Street Style

Rule N3

Maxi green skirt

A maxi skirt in deep green pairs perfectly with black jackets and leather gloves. Try to nail a look like this!

Style Caster


How to wear green in spring and summer (warm seasons)


Warm seasons offer a bigger variety of options for wearing green hues, from chiffon dresses in floral prints to green pair of shorts with a nave top, from summer scarves to grass green bikinis. These seasons don’t worry how bright your green items are: the brighter, the better.

Rule N1

Lightweight dresses

Light, cool and comfy... Throw on a lightweight green dress on heels for summer parties and outings.


Rule N2

Floral prints

Green floral prints look amazing for skirts and dresses. I you are not brave enough to wear plain greens, wear it in prints.

Mckenna Bleu


Green + nudes


Nude and other neutrals, such as beige and cream work perfectly with all other colors, and the green is not an exception. For a winning ensemble, dress up in a single green color dress and match it with a perfect pair of nude stilettos and a nude clutch/handbag. 

Ecstasy Model

Green + green / yellow

Monochrome looks with different shades of green looks great, especially when you match one dominant green with accessories in darker or brighter shades, like as famous fashion It girl Giovanna Bottaglia wears a yellow green scarf with a plain green dress.



The key is to have at least 70% of your outfit in a single green, and add up other accessories to blend.



Green + white


You will never go wrong if you pair khaki and other shades of green with white. 

Happily Grey

Green + black


Predominantly this color combination will work best in colder seasons, creating elegant and calm looks. Basically, you can add a single green item to an all-in-black outfit and it will brighten up the whole look. 

Cristina Sardu

Green + blue

Forget about the theory that an outfit must have only one dominant color. Green and blue are both strong colors, but they go perfectly together. Try out a denim shirt with green pants, it will look just fabulous.


Green + red


Probably this is the most risky combination, as both colors are statement shades. Still if you really want to pair these two, make sure that one of them dominates in your look (80% – 90%) and the other one is just adds up color. Don’t wear green pants with a red shirt, but a green dress with a beautiful bright red clutch or a red dress with green heels.


Green in office dress code


Who said that green is an overkill for office or business dress code? Yeah, word on the street is that yellow-green is not the best color for strict business environment, as it attracts lots of attention. However, match it smarter with other neutral items and you will make green go perfectly in office dress code.    

Follow the example of these two bloggers: they opted for green classic pants worn with high stilettos and paired with a sweater over a shirt. This is a classic ensemble, and you can play around with some extra colar colors of the shirt or add some statement jewellery. As you can see green dominates in both of the outfits and the rest just compliments it. The same formula would perfectly work with a green pencil skirt.

Fashion formula: Green pants / skirt + cream / grey sweater + white / printed shirt

                             (nude stilettos + statement necklace + sunnies)

Blogdajulianaparisi and Glamradar

Washed out green for Vintage style


A great way of creating vintage looks using washed out hues of green.  Get some inspiration from vintage photography and integrate it into your style. It will accentuate your own creativity and will differentiate your with your own sense of style. As in the photo below, try combining an oversized khaki top with shorts in a lighter green: it has a feel of military style but with a feminine touch due to a belt. 


Head-to-toe green outfit


A top-to-toe green look is probably not the best option, unless you really want to make an impression and stand out of the crowd. It would look weird if you dye your hair in green and wear khaki tights plus to all other clothing items being in the same green shades. If you still want all-in-green look, just try to add on some black, nudes or white into it. For example, if you are wearing a green jacket and a skirt of the same color, make sure you carry a black handbag and rock on black shoes (as in this photo). 

Source: Pinterest


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