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Don't know who brought this into the makeup world, but this amazing idea of painting a face in a style of a comic book character is now crushing Instagram and competes strongly with Zombies and Cats to become the year's most popular Halloween makeup. If you are bored and tired of 'already worn' scars and blood elements, horns, big ears or stupid animal teeth, pop art makeup is a way to stand out of the crowd. 

Instagram: @wmwmarianu

The principal idea of this makeup is to look like a character from a comic book with hard-edged and thick outlines, bold colors and of course, the most comics-friendly Ben-Day dots. Play with emotions, such as putting the eyebrows high to add some drama or painting a lake of tears under the eyes. This may be really time consuming - especially the process of drawing dots over the face and neck (and don't forget the hands and fingers for a complete image), but the end result is fascinating and will give heaps of non-human photos to remember.

Check out the below images from Instagram users for inspiration:

Instagram: @logannicole_xx

Instagram: @makeupbyefthimia

Source: Pinterest

Instagram: @alex_ride

Yes, men can also have a pop art makeup!
Source: Pinterest

Where does this creative makeup idea come from?

Not sure who brought it into the Instagram world, but originally, this makeup style is taken from the paintings of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, who was the emblematic artist of the fast-growing Pop Art movement. Inspired by popular comic books, Roy started to put together paintings of war and romance in a cartoon style and produced one of a kind art that drove the pop art movement into the rapid development speed.

Today, Roy Lichtenstein is immediately recognized for its strong outlines and dots, having influenced fashion and design industries. 

Crying Girl / Roy Lichtenstein

Ohhh... Alright / Roy Lichtenstein

In the Car / Roy Lichtenstein

While pop art makeup seems to be a new wave, it took over the fashion industry a couple of years ago, when fashion designers were influenced to create pop art inspired clothing for their collections. 

In 2011, Lisa Perry devoted her entire collection of dresses to the hard-edged paintings of the famous Roy Lichtenstein. And many other designers - Karla Spetic, Markus Lupfer etc. got inspired by the pop art to create ready-to-wear items, shoes and accessories as well. 

And why not to have Roy's pop art on the nails? Very creative!

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