Long Hair: Is It The Key To Ultimate Beauty?

By Visitor Bella
Every female of any age, whether a teenager or a grown-up woman, is concerned with the beauty and quality of hair. "Have the hair cut or not?", "Blond hair or brown hair?", "Long or short hairstyles?", "Dry or fat hair?", "Loosing hair?" - these are some of the questions and problems that each of us has ever encountered. 

In the "battle" between the long-hair lovers and short-hair fans, I certainly step for the first group (look how beautiful Gisele is in the Pantene's campaign above!). Let me explain my point with a story from my life.

Two years ago I experienced a life event, when I was shocked by realizing the fact that exactly long hair play a decisive role for the women's beauty. I have a very good friend - a Muslim woman, who periodically organizes friendly gatherings and events at her place. The majority of guests are the people with the same religious background as my friend, so that I used to meet very nice women with covered hair. Once, I was lucky to be invited by my friend for a day-event anticipated only for females. When I arrived, walking straight into the living room where most of the guests had already gathered, unintentionally the first thought popped into my mind was: "So many beautiful women, that I don't know!". I approached a group of them to introduce myself and ... I realized that I am surrounded with the same group of ladies that I met in our previous gatherings. The significant difference was that none of them had hair covered. I could see very long and shiny hair that made the women look completely different. I could hardly recognize any of them unless I was reminded of their names. That was a stunning experience and I realized and recognized deeply the entire power of hair, the power of its colour (healthy look) and the way of styling.    

All the women with covered hair I've ever met look beautiful for me, however after seeing the same women with long loose hair I was able to discover their complete and ultimate beauty. Thank you for such an educative experience.  
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