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Yes, form follows function, but it’s a close second. While we rely on technology, we don’t have to be a slave to technology. We’d rather be a slave to fashion.

If your thousands of choices in phone cases isn’t enough to fulfill your style search, we’ve collected a few stylish tech accessories for your perusal.

Here are five tech accessories to satisfy your style bug:

Fitbit Inspire & Inspire HR

Did you know there’s a sangria-colored Fitbit? Yes, gone are the days when Fitbits looked like fundraiser wristbands. The Fitbit Inspire HR offers three color combos to choose from – HR indicating Heart Rate Tracking. And the Inspire Fitbit, sans HR, offers two color options.

In addition to a choice in color and a sleek design, the Fitbit Inspire series tracks your activity and sleep automatically. If you have a swimsuit to match, the Fitbit is swim-proof.

Added to the heart rate tracking, the Inspire HR also provides precise calorie burn tracking, as well as sleep stages reporting.

With up to five days of battery, the Inspire Fitbit helps you achieve your Fitbit Inspire while looking pretty cute for an entire work week.

Harber Slim Leather Folio Laptop Case No. 7

Classic and elegant, the Harber Slim Leather Folio Laptop Case is also contemporary and sleek. You may as well look chic when carrying your world.

Handcrafted in Spain, the Harber Laptop Case can house a Macbook 12”, as well as other sized models listed on the Harber site.

Choose tan, black, navy, or deep brown for your full grain vegetable-tanned leather. And you can even add custom text in your chosen font.

Lined by wool felt, the case also has space for a notebook. An anti-scratch zipper with pull tab keeps everything secure.

Motiv Ring

Yes, it’s a ring, the kind you put on your finger. But it’s also more than a ring. This discreet accessory tracks everything you need to stay in touch with your health.

Whether you choose the silver, black, or rose-gold, all three colors will record the span of any activity, the calories burned, the distance covered, and your number of steps.

The Motiv titanium ring not only tracks activity, but it also tracks your sleep duration. If you want to know more about this gadgets, you can find reviews of different sleep tracking devices here.

Plus, your ring tracks your resting heart rate and active heart rate. And when your ring syncs your data with your app, depending on your progress, the app then adjusts your daily objective to keep you on target to reach your weekly goal.

Choose from seven ring sizes for a perfect fit. With a three-day battery life and only 90 minutes to charge, your Motiv Ring works with both iOS and Android, as well as Apple Health, Alexa, and Google Fit.

Kreafunk bGEM Wireless Headphones

White, pink, or blue? The Kreafunk bGEMs wireless in-ear headphones not only offer color options, each featuring gold accents, but they also include a detachable neck cord useful while working out.

With four ear tip sizes included, the headphones wrap around your ears providing touch-button-control for both phone calls and music.

Because both earbuds feature a built-in microphone, you can still make hands-free phone calls with only one earbud all while wandering 32 feet of the Bluetooth range.

After charging the headphones for 90 minutes, you can then enjoy four hours of playback time and 60 hours standby time. Whether rocking your gold-accented headphones in the gym or the office, you’ll be free to wave hello to your admirers.

Ted Baker Splendour Touch Screen Pen with Slim Case

Were you planning on using a black, plastic touch screen pen? Oh, no. No, that won’t do. If you need a stylus for your touch screen, you’ll need the rose-gold Splendour with a black, floral case.

Unless, of course, you’re wearing silver accessories, in which case (no pun intended), you’ll use the Silver Touch Screen Pen with Slim Case, which is pink, of course.

On second thought, or the one after a second thought, if you’re really into pink, Ted Baker also offers the Angel Falls Touch Screen Pen, rose-gold on the bottom with a pink feather design on the top encased in a pink feather designed cylinder.

You get the idea: Ted Baker creates stylish touch screen pens and cases, a style for every outfit.

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