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So, you thought choosing a wedding dress was draining? Now you have to deal with choosing bridesmaid dresses.

Surely, almost every bride has uttered the famous words, “Bridesmaids can wear them!” but, truthfully, most maids don’t. You've probably seen so many disastrous bridesmaid dresses in films that they are a cliché. Oh, you know -- the Little-Bo-Peep dress with balloon sleeves, or the satin nightmare with puce stripes and a big ruffle to match.

If you’re struggling right now to choose a dress for your bridesmaids, here are some examples. Hopefully this will help you to make your choice.

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Color Them Beautifully

If you have a wedding theme that includes specific colors, then bridesmaid dress colors will be pretty easy to pick. For example, spring pastels or autumn russets will warm up the ceremony. 

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When picking the color, the season and weather play a definite role. While peonies, peach echo and snorkel blue are spring colors, fall tones are comprised of autumn leaves or dried herb shades. You can check out the Pantone.com, which is a very useful website for matching up right colors for the event, season and mood.

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Choose colors that you like and think that they would look good on your bridesmaids. Think twice before your final decision. Your friends will thank you for your considerateness.

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Take into consideration that pastel hues are perfect for ladies with fairer skin, while brighter colors are more flattering with darker complexions.

Source: Weddings Online

If your color options are more open, go with a shade that will complement your flower choices or flatter your wedding dress.

Choose a Length

All the dresses need to match, so they should be of the same length unless you decide to match the style and color leaving the length choice up to your maids. Make sure that your friends like the dress length. Of course, you do not want one of your friends giving you flack about the dress length.

Source: UK Vogue Leader 

Choose a Style

It may be hard to find a dress style that will flatter every woman, as body types can vary so much. So, find a style that flatters shapes and sizes of your bridesmaids. For instance, A-line skirts look good on all body types.

Source: Tulle and Chantilly

Search for a style that brings out the same feel as your dress but not similar – I am sure you don't want your bridesmaids looking like you.

Source: Cocktail Dresses

Choose Fabric

Again time of the year plays a crucial role for choosing fabric for bridesmaid dresses. For example, taffeta dresses are worn during cooler month, chiffon dresses are often worn during the warmer months.

Source: One Fab Day

Satin does not only stand out well in photos, but also is a comfortable fabric. For more formal weddings satin and taffeta dresses are generally opted and for more casual weddings chiffon is selected.

Source: Tulle and Chantilly

Listen to your Bridesmaids

If one of your maids is complaining about her dress, work with her as much as possible, as having an unhappy bridesmaid helps no one. Solving the problem before your wedding day will make everyone happier.

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After taking care of bridesmaid dresses, you can release tension and go on to the next step in planning your big day. There are, probably, thousand details to take care of. So, relax and enjoy every moment!

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