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Today, worldwide web is used for the proliferation of almost every possible field. Fashion is not an exception. Within last couple of years fashion blogging emerged as a new guarantor of fashion industry's presence in the online field. 

Thousands of fashion bloggers laid a foundation to a new form of representation of clothes, accessories, celebrity fashion, street fashion. They covered fashion at all levels ranging from fashion industry giants and fashion dictators up to the smallest, unknown and new emerging designers. The way we dress and present ourselves is largely affected by the fashion industry's giants. But today rapidly growing number of fashion bloggers and the activities they undertaken in millions of blogs also impact our daily fashion life. Starting from 2002, fashion blogging quickly turned into highly profitable new media business with Fashion Superstars who actively engage with fashion industry leaders, celebrities and models.

In this article I present list of well established Fashion blogs, where the bloggers turned their ordinary life into an everyday firework of glossy runways, meetings with celebrities and industry representatives:

The Blonde Salad (Chiara Ferragni)


Intrigue Me Now                                                     

The Cherry Blossom Girl

My Silk Fairytail                                                      

Nany's Klozet


Make Life Easier


Cupcakes and Cashmere

Shine By Three (Margaret Zhang)

Scout Sixteen (Justin Livingston)

Jag Lever (Rachel Iwanyszyn)

I will get back to every fashion blogger in this list separately in its series of articles devoted to well-established and new emerging fashion bloggers.

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