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My first "get the look" post couldn't be focused on anyone else than Karen Gillan. The first time I spotted her was when she played Amelia Pond in the Science Fiction show Doctor Who. (Which I am really geeky about.) A few years ago I also watched the BBC drama "We'll Take Manhattan" where she plays the role of supermodel Jean Shrimpton. Before she started acting she was a model, so she suited the part perfectly. These days she is most famous for her role in Guardians of the galaxy, where she plays Nebula. Karen was actually named Scottish Fashion Icon at the Scottish Fashion Awards. And I fricking love her style. She is a geeky, funny and all around lovely person. So here goes! 

1- Cat embroidered cropped sweatshirt  | $9.99
  2- Copenhagen sunglasses black | €195
3  Metallic mini skirt  | £52.50
4 - Alizia shoes | $169.95

Energize this season with shiny metallic skirts. Go rock’n’roll with lots of winter silver. Mix it up with a fun jumper like Karen's cat sweater. Who's the crazy cat lady now?

1- Red plaid long sleeve shirt  | $23.99
  2- Cherry flower sweatshirt | €35.15
3  Popper front skirt | £75
4 - Jennifer heel oxford | $34.99

The plaid shirt will never go out of fashion. Especially when you wear it with different prints and fabrics. Like this flower sweatshirt and suede skirt.

1- Dawn collar dress  | £65
  2- Stone belted trench coat | £49.99
3  Down and up sneakers | out of stock :(

Yay for white collar dresses! Or as I like to call them: Wednesday Adams dresses. Combined with glossy sneakers and a trench coat. Trench chique!

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