How to Decorate Your House For Christmas On Budget

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Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of family and create memories that will last forever. Christmas is not a time, nor a season, but it is a feeling. Here we offer some simple ideas that you can use to decorate your home for Christmas on budget to enjoy warm, joyful look of your home during the holidays. 

Create Your Own Snowman Ornament

For making snowman ornament you will need a food jar, a ribbon, paintbrush and white, black and orange paint. Paint the jar and decorate it with a snowman face. Use ribbon for decorating the snowman.

Source: Crafty Adalaide

Turn Pillows into Presents

Decorate pillows with holiday-colored ribbons and tie a bow around it. Pillows will look just like Christmas gifts.

Source: Lolly Jane

Turn Papers into Tabletop Display
To create simple cone trees of different sizes you just need to cut and fold papers.

Source: Seed Time

Hang Ornaments

Hang Christmas-colored ornaments tied with ribbon from a window. These unique window decorations take just minutes to make.

Source: Limited-xmass

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You can make ornaments by wrapping rubber bands to form balls and hang them from a window.

Candle Holder

For making leafy candle holder you will just need candle, glass, spray adhesive, window cleaner and greenery. Window cleaner is needed to clean the glass surface. After cleaning the glass, use spray adhesive to coat greenery. Let the greenery dry for a few minutes, after that attach each piece to the container. The last step is to add a candle and your own leafy candle holder is made.

Source: Imgsnpics

Showy Centerpiece
For making a showy centerpiece you just need to place holiday-colored ball ornaments inside a vase. If you want, you can wrap the vase up with a ribbon.

Source: Mid west living

You can also fill glass jars and bowls with apples, lemons and limes, in another words, with multiples of the same fruit, and you will enjoy a showy centerpiece during Christmas holidays.

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Fill glass jars with candies and you will have one more decoration which will make you happy.

Christmas Mantel Project

To create pretty Christmas mantel project, wrap an old box in damaged book pages and tie it with a bow.

Source: Pinterest

Make a Snowman of Clementines

To build a snowman you will need clementines, toothpicks for holding the pieces together, peppermint sticks for arms and a nose, cloves for eyes and licorice for a scarf. Snowman of clementines will give a new breath to your Christmas table.

Source: Realsimple

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Table Topper
To make a table topper you just need to buy garland of greenery and collect pine cones. It will be a part of your Christmas decoration.

Source: Pinterest

Christmas Candles

To make Christmas candle you just need to wrap ribbons of different bright colors around simple white candles or the ones you would prefer.

Source: Titi Crafty

Stockings Stuffed with Utensils
Buy stockings and use them to hold utensils at your Christmas table.

Source: Current catalog
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