DIY Tutorial For a Super-Trendy Skirt

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Runway was full of complicated designs during the fashion weeks for the fall/winter 2015-2016 season. This year there is nothing simple and classic. The article Fashion Trends From Milan: Five Hot Trends To Follow presented the five recent fashion trends that hit the runway in Milan and continued gracing in Paris. 

As follows from the article, the new trend is an alternative approach to the most feminine piece of clothing - skirts, by assigning them complicated design such as layering, adding additional material, asymmetry and mixing interesting patterns. 

We all want to walk along with the fashion and dress in the latest trends. While designer clothing might be not affordable for many people, I would suggest you to take the ideas from runway and create your own designs.
It's easy to do with a minimum budget or with zero budget - you can take old-fashioned separates and create a new super-trendy statement of the season. 

What I am going to do is to show you a step by step tutorial of transforming two old skirts into a new super-trendy one. 

Here is what I have created out of two skirts that were either small or old-fashioned, or just too boring:  

The concept of this tutorial is simple - to mix two different skirts into a new trendy "hybrid" skirt:

I have been highly inspired by fall/winter 2015-2016 fashion shows held in Milan and Paris, where Fausto Puglisi (from the left), Leonard (from the right) and many others showcased the below designs for skirt garment:

Here is what we need to recreate the skirt design from the runway:
- a pencil skirt (ideally without a split)
- an accordion skirt (the colour of skirts does not matter as long as they match)
- scissors
- sewing machine (or you can sew it by hand)
- tape measure
- straight pins
- threads

If you've got all the above items in hand, we can set the ball rolling. 

Let's get started!


First of all, we need to touch up both of the skirts to prepare them for their second lives. 

Cut along the dashed lines (1, 2) as it is shown in the picture below. Since my black skirt has got a split on the back, I have to stitch it to cover the split (3).

For the accordion skirt, unsew the waistband and cut the skirt from the middle (cut along the vertcal dash line from the front and back).


Measure your waist. Let's say it's 65 cm. Then measure the top of the black pencil skirt (already cut) - 45 cm. So, the top part of the purple skirt should be equal to 20 cm (65 cm - 45 cm = 20 cm). Follow this calculation to identify the width of the upper part of the purple garment, then cut out 20 cm (plus some 2-4 cm extra for sewing) from the waistband. The accordion material can have more than 20 cm width, just add some gathering to make it more fluffy.

Stitch in place.


Connect both parts of the future skirt. Fold the edges of the black fabric from the front and the back, then pin two parts together with the black fabric above the purple one.

Stitch in place. 

Repeat this step for the back of the skirt. Remove all the remaining threads and iron carefully the new skirt. And here is our new fashion-forward skirt out of two old ones - easy, in just three steps!

Enjoy your new skirt! Look up the runway shows of fall/winter 2015-2016 for the inspiration on how to wear this type of stylish skirt. 

Make sure to share your comments and questions with me. Or you can easily write an article here on Glosty to show us your creations. 
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