Why Organic Cotton Is the Right Choice for Clothing

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Clothing itself (ethically and ecologically) has become a real daily challenge. Of course, there's the ugly world of animal tissues, leathers, silks and furs, which produce not only brutality, but also a new application of chemicals used in their manufacturing. Then, there are all petroleum products, acrylic, polyester and nylon that have crept in almost all clothing. The fashion now has become the enemy of the environment.

But, what's the deal with alleged goods and natural materials? When it comes to natural clothing, despite all the excitement that there is on bamboo fibers, soy and hemp; cotton is still the main material. But, inside the cotton world, there are couple of differences rather important to consider. The first of these problems is that cotton is cultivated and is not edible. After that, it is important to consider how it is produced and cultivated. Only then we can ensure that our effort to wear natural clothing worth.

We all know that buying organic products is important to keep the chemicals away of our body, but what about when it comes to cotton? Why it must be organic? Todays, the answer is twofold.

The First: Agrochemicals

The cotton that is not organic is patented to be one of the most chemical-dependent planted crop, using for almost 10% of the entire crop period agricultural chemicals in particular insecticide, which uses 25% over the whole crop of the world. All these chemicals damage the natural environment, as well as the workers who are out there to pick cotton for our t-shirts.

Second, the Use Of Water

Cotton is also considered as a water intensive crop. It doesn't use pesticides, but some sources claim that organic cotton requires more water. After a transition period of two to three years, this is not so. In fact, the chemicals used for non-organic cotton strip the soil of all its nutrients which then lowers its ability to retain water. This means that during the cultivation of non-organic cotton, water evaporates more quickly and become more necessary for these plants. Also, if the soil is unable to absorb the water, the more runs in the local water system, the transfer of harmful chemicals in the water flow. In this case of organic, there is no worry that the chemicals end up in the mix.

What about the Colors?

As well, we must not forget the fact that most of what we buy is not woven with already colored cotton, but since we are an eclectic mix of people who love the extravagant colors, smart captions, stripes and polka dots on our clothes, therefore cotton is also colored. It would be rather silly to follow all of the organic cotton cultivation steps and then pollute the land and water sources, as well as our clothing with chemical dyes.

Avoid chemical dyes because it has its own advantages. First, it is clear that most of the chemicals we wore on our bodies seem to have a negative effect. In addition, the chemicals obtained drips in the ecosystem, especially in water sources.

Buy Organic Cotton

Finally, once the cultivation, harvesting and production are done, we have a range of t-shirt (pants, underwear, and so on) from which to choose. Organic cotton can be more expensive, but remember that this is what we are paying for a cleaner and safer world environment. This price is not for marketing, but it counts for something else.
And, who knows, if the application will prove to be large enough, maybe these prices will fall, and organic cotton will simply become the standard, as it once was.

The great news is that, there are already a lot of people who deal with these things. For example, Fair trade has organic cotton clothing. We hope that things can be changed by restoring alternative crops, now forgotten like hemp.

Where to buy?

Obviously it is not difficult to find organic clothing online. There are different types of brands and retailers available online from where you can easily buy organic clothing. However, the problem is that, the garment made from 100% organic cotton costs little more expensive. Therefore, organic clothing is out of reach from majority of shoppers. But this doesn’t mean you should go beyond your limits. Only few hours of research and some know-how of can save much more. Here from CalibreApparel you can buy your favorite color of shirts / t-shirts, tank tops, headwear, and hoodies made of 100% organic cotton in unbelievable prices. They offer special discount on organic cotton t-shirts. Only in $5.27 you can easily buy a 100% organic cotton t-shirt. Definitely you can’t beat the price. More you buy, more you save.

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