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Visiting a salon to get the nails done is a very comfy and luxurious but pretty expensive way. Not everybody can afford it and not everybody is willing to pay for this service. Many women refuse the service of professional nail technicians because of not sufficient level of cleanliness in salons (some people are extremely sensitive to this topic). Today a numbers of women prefer to take care of their nails at home - experimenting and exploding unlimited creativity. Fortunately, with the efforts of fashion and beauty bloggers, the web is now full of tips and tutorials how to polish own nails in a way that manicurists do. For example, you can find the works such a very creative personality in a French nail art blog PSHIIIT.




Pshiiit is a perfect place to get inspired. After looking through the blog, you will not resist the desire to grab a nail polish and start creating. Although the blog is entirely in French, you will surely find it easy to explore without knowing this language. The blog demonstrates the images of nail art and some very handy tutorials of nail polishing, which you can try at home, just at your desk. Even if you think that you are not as talented to polish your nails the way the nail artist of Pshiit does, try it out! At least you will bring your nails into a neat form and cover it with a basic color.

If you are in France, you can also purchase your favorite nail polish, brushes for creative work and other nail accessories from the Pshiiit Boutique (the online shop may be available also in other countries of the European Union, just check it with a French-speaker!).

So, enjoy the images of high creative nail art by Pshiit below. Get inspired and start creating! We are looking forward to the pictures of your nail art in articles created by you.

The art of Pshiiit is often inspired by the collections of popular high fashion designers, such as Marc Jacobs and Mara Hoffman.

Explore more and more images of Pshiiit's nail art on the blog www.pshiiit.com and on the eponymous social media pages.

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