A Lingerie Line By The Highest-Paid Supermodel

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Recently I found myself thinking around an interesting question: "Why many of the well-known celebrities stop performing at some stage of their career?". Let's take Jessica Simpson, who rose to fame with 'I wanna love you forever' single, but head down her singing career in 2010. 

So what happened? One of the reasons, and a rather convincing explanation, I can mention is that celebrities turn toward the business world. It is no secret that today more and more stars own side-businesses along with (or even instead of!) their creative activities. This trend is constant for celebrities from different walks of lives - from movie stars to supermodels, from rappers to sport athletes. Almost every celeb, from developing personality to well-established ones, tries to use their popularity to raise money through business, such as launching clothing lines and fragrances. And it really works! For example, Kardashian sisters put their faces on almost everything that could be sold, from cupcakes to handbags and the result is that the Kardashian family made $600 million at retail in 2013 (Forbes - Kim Kardashian's $28 Million Year: How She Made More Than Ever Before). 

From the variety of entrepreneurship undertaken by celebs, which I will discuss with you in my series of articles, this one is dedicated to one of the most delicate and desirable category for females, a lingerie line, owned by the highest paid supermodel Gisele Bundchen. 

Gisele Bundchen - Intimates lingerie collection

Of course Gisele! Who else than a former Victoria's Secret model can endorse a lingerie line?! Besides, the Brazilian bombshell tops my list because she is ranked as the highest earning supermodel in the world. Her highest income is because she is exceptional in the model industry, Gisele brought back the healthy and sexy look to the runway ending the 'heroin chic' era and she pioneered the horse walk.

But this is just a part of the story. The biggest portion of her annual income is accumulated through sales, such as from line of sandals with Grendene, line of beauty products, Sejaa Pure Skincare, and of course, through her lingerie collection, Intimates. This line is an outcome of the three-year collaboration with the Brazilian Hope label. Having a lingerie store in Paris, Hope is a planning to grow further and open Bundchen's Intimates stores in London, Los Angeles, New York and other big cities. Overall, speaking in numbers, the products that carry Gisele's naturally bronzed face (and body!) generate approximately $1 billion a year in sales (Forbes - How Gisele Bundchen Earned $386 Million Throughout Her Career - And Scored A Spot At Sunday's World Cup Final). And the further growth of Intimates will definitely double this number. 

In these series of articles dedicated to the celebrity personalities who own businesses, you will discover very surprising and interesting facts about the side-life of the most celebrated personalities and how they raise cash beyond show business. 
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