Top 5 Bra Hacks For Elderly Breasts

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You put on a bra every single day. And yet you, just like me and most women, give absolutely no thought into what bra or fit is right. Just so long as your bra is clean, it’s enough. Am I right? In that case, you’re applicable to making the most of these 5 bra hacks for elderly breasts. Because let’s face it, your boobs and body aren’t what they used to be back in the days. So might as well accept it. And work our way around it as much as possible.

Top 5 Bra Hacks for Elderly Breasts – All You Need to Know

#1 Change cup size to get properly fitted

You don’t need to opt for larger or smaller band size. More often than not, a bra that doesn’t fit you properly requires a change in the cup size only. So it’s very important to measure your breasts every now and then. They’re always prone to changing shape. No matter your age!

[YouTube video: Watch A Victoria’s Secret Bra Fit Expert In Action]

#2 Introduce your shoulders to bra strap pads

Bra straps digging into the skin is quite a common concern among grown women. The solution here comes in the form of silicone strap cushions. All you have to do is attach the holder to the strap. To say goodbye to red indentations on the shoulder and shoulder pain!

These strap pads are built using silicone. This means they’re safe to use. And that they feel soft against the skin. You can rinse them using warm water whenever dirt takes over. You might prefer wearing bras with thicker straps. But when straps are thicker, they tend to do some digging. And this is when comfortable silicone bra strap pads come to the rescue.

#3 Replace poking underwires with wireless bras

This one’s very effective if you ask me. So don’t underestimate its significance.

The best bra for large sagging breasts is not always equipped with a poking underwire. There are many options out there that have no wiring. At the same time, these bras are plenty supportive. In fact, the best bras for seniors, elderly women are wire-free. They are designed with a wider band. This means extra comfort. Plus, the bras feature stretch foam. That offers support and lift minus the pinching.

The greater part of elder women loves wearing such bras. Due to their remarkable fit and comfort!

#4 Include sports bras in your collection

What type of bra is best for sagging breasts? To support the chest, the correct answer is sports bras. When you wear the right type of sports bra, it doesn’t make your boobs feel restricted. Instead, your breasts should feel like they’re breathing and moving with the bra. And not against it!

Once again, make sure the sports bra has no underwire. The design should open your chest. And the fit should allow your shoulders to rotate back. This is a result of the sports bra fitting low under your ribs. So the breasts lift away from your body. And remain stable throughout. Not just any sports bra. Make sure you buy the proper kind of sports bra.

#5 Try the leaning forward method

When wearing your bra, lean forward. You might think this is useless advice. But, believe me, it’s not. I’ve tried it. And now I don’t forget to do this every single day when putting on my bras.

When wearing your bra, put on the straps over the arms. Then lean forward, which causes the breasts to fall into those cups. Now you can hook the bra. This undoubtedly offers a better fit. As compared to just strapping on the bra over your boobs!


These are the 5 bra hacks for elderly breasts. There’s not much difference between these hacks and hacks for younger women. The only difference is that I’ve kept sagging breasts and shoulder pain in mind. The rest is pretty much the same.

You can easily incorporate these 5 bra hacks for elderly breasts into your daily life. You don’t have to make much effort to do so. Only make it a point to remember the hacks when dealing with your precious bras.

And before I end, let me tell you something about sagging breasts. More often than not, they are a part of aging. You obviously cannot prevent them from drooping a little. But there are ways to make your boobs look perky. Working out is one of them. And the most effective one! A healthy diet, not smoking, and staying hydrated are also important.

So keep everything in mind when you’re concerned about your breasts and bras.

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