Study Current Fashion Trends Through Fendi Pre-Fall Collection

By Visitor emma
The famous Italian fashion house Fendi has launched the pre-fall collection authored by the creative director Karl Lagerfeld. As we know, when it comes to this talented designer, nothing short of spectacular is expected. Overall, keeping a strong conservative approach to the colour palette, the designer has developed a peaceful play of black and an alternative colour leading to the fall mood. The highlighted shades are the few statement colours of the season - fall shades of purple, teal, orange, forest green and some light shades of soft yellow and pink.  

Of course the fur gets the most starring role in the collection featuring over-sized coats and pieced in the form of scarves. Do not be surprised if you see furry sneakers as well!

Upon glancing over the images with the collection looks, one cannot help but admire the winter boots with high and thick heels, generally in a different colour rather than the whole shoe surface. It is indeed one of the biggest trends of the season. 

It's no exaggeration to say that if you want to study fashion and current trends, study this pre-fall collection from Fendi.

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