Interview with fashion blogger Sonja from Sonvas

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If previously only the "elites" had access to take part in the fashion world, today, due to the massive growth of the blogosphere ordinary people are given a chance to have their say in the fashion industry. There are millions of fashion-related blogs and the number is growing making fashion blogging inseparable part of the mainstream fashion press. 

From this huge number, many fashion-related blogs and bloggers are very popular today, but there are also others on their way to become the next fashion icon. In our search for new and growing talented fashion bloggers, we encountered with Sonja, 23 years old Finnish fashion student and blogger living in Amsterdam. From teenage years, Sonja was a huge fan of fashion: she was carefully choosing her outfits and combining them in a creative and original manner. Today, Sonja runs her own fashion blog Sonvas, where she writes about her own style, fashion trends, and her life in Amsterdam. 

Sonja's new favorite coat

She has a mixed style and doesn't stick to a specific trend or style. She is confident enough to wear tight jeans with ripped knees matched with a pair of pumps to accentuate her femininity. A camel coat with an impressive faux fur hat talks about Sonja's interesting personality.


We have interviewed Sonja to know a bit more about her and her experience of being a fashion blogger.  

Sonja's Faux fur

1. Can you please tell us about yourself and your blog?

I'm a Finnish young woman in my twenties who moved to Amsterdam to follow my dream, study fashion management. I have had my blog a little bit over a year now and my main focused areas are own style, fashion, trends, beauty, travelling and life in Amsterdam.

2. What has inspired you to start your fashion blog?

I have always been into fashion, dressing up and showing my creativity that way. I actually had a fashion blog with my friend back in the day when I was around 15. Fashion blogging was just starting back then. I have always had a huge love for planning my outfits. I remember already around that age I was so excited that I planned all my outfits on the weekend for the whole upcoming week ahead. I laid each outfit on a pile ready for each day as a little line on my writing desk. 

I started using Instagram actively two and a half years ago and I loved posting my outfits and other fashion related posts a lot. As I liked doing it so much I thought, hey why not to have an actual fashion blog? Also, as I wanted to have a career in fashion I thought it would be a great way to get more experience and learn things.

3. What's the best thing of being a fashion blogger?

To be able to interact with all the other fashion lovers. Inspire other people and share my love. Fashion blogging teaches you so many things from different areas. As a person who always wants to develop herself to be the best, I enjoy challenging myself and learning new things through blogging.

Sonja's first spring outfit

4. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style doesn't really fit under any certain type. I can wear really cute and girly outfits and then, on another day it can be the opposite. I can also wear pretty much any colour. That's why I would just say my style is very diverse. Kind of a mix of everything. But I'm pretty strict with colours in one outfit, though. Maybe one thing that is always present in my outfits is feminity. I almost always have high heels on. 

5. What piece of advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a fashion blog?

If you have even a little urge to start your own blog, just do it. I don't like to use the word regret but I hope that I would have continued blogging when I had the first blog with my friend. I wish that I would have gotten back in the game sooner. 

This may sound a little bit of a cliche but just always be yourself and stay true to yourself no matter what. And work hard for your dreams and goals! 

Sonja's striped style

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