Finery London: Three Reasons To Like This Contemporary Brand

By Visitor Maria

Finery London is a relatively new British womenswear brand founded in March 2014 by Caren Downie, the former fashion director at ASOS, and Emma Farrow, the former head of design at Topshop. Shortly after its launch, Finery London's debut collection impressed the fashion world with its luxury fabrics and exceptional quality of design. But most importantly, Finery London showed that it is indeed possible to offer high quality sartorial looks along with affordable prices ranging from $50-$600. 

According to the brand's founders, they want to "make modern, inspiring, and sophisticated styling accessible, without compromising on quality" and they seem to be very successful in it. These quality clothing are made in different countries: Caren Downie, one of the founders of the brand told Marie Claire Magazine that Finery London's embroidery and embellishment are manufactured in India, shoes - in Portugal but more than 20 percent of the products are manufactured in the UK.  
From the first look at the Finery London's clothing offered on their online store, you can see distinctively that these are the womenswear for strong personalities. I put together three reasons why the Finery London is different from other industry players and what makes it to be loved by customers. 

Contemporary With Vintage Feel 

Finery London offers a variety of styles and every single woman can find desirable items from their collection. Though it is clear that this brand offers modern clothing, there is a gentle feel of vintage in some of the items. Let's take the Belisa Leather Heeled Mule Shoes. This pair features a contemporary and even futuristic thick heel, however the whole design speaks of vintage style. This mix of contemporary and vintage seems to create a different movement in style which is much appreciated by a broad audience of women.

Finery London belisa leather mule shoes

Belisa Leather Heeled Mule Shoes

Minimalist Approach

Again, we need to highlight that Finery London does not offer clothing for certain styles, but a huge variety of womenswear for every taste. Minimalist designs are the part of their collections. For certain pieces you can see that the designers concentrate on specifics of form and fabric, they simplify the design and sometimes it does not follow the shape of the body. 

Minimalism can be spotted in the choice of color and texture of some garments as well. Because of this, Finery London offers ideal basics for a capsule collection of a contemporary woman. 

baby pink dress

Hallton Cocoon Dress

two piece grey set

Bristol Tunic Top

High Quality for Affordable Prices

Many people can object that the prices are not actually affordable. However, it is true that Finery London is affordable among other high fashion brands. If you look at the prices of shoes from Alexander Wang or Stuart Weitzman, which are over $1000, you will see that the footwear designed by the Finery London are under $315 - about three times cheaper than other brands. So, compare to other high fashion clothing brands, Finery London seems to be quite affordable for the best quality they produce.

finery london belted soft touch coat

Wynne Belted Soft Touch Coat
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