Red Maxi Skirt:

By Visitor ClementAna

Around two months ago surfing on Pinterest I came across an image of a young lady in a beautiful winter maxi skirt of wine colour. I have repined an image, which had the following description: "Winter maxi. i could make this. sew triangle pieces of fabric together and add the embroidery on the top... maybe add a zipper in the back?". 

What happened next was quite surprising for me, that has never happened with any of the images pinned earlier by me.  This image has become so popular, that everyday since then I started receiving notifications about its being repined and liked. At the moment, the image has been repined 252 times and liked for 43 times. And this number is only for the one that I repined. If you type "skirt" in the searchbox of Pinterest, you will easily find this image with more than 4400 repins and 875 likes. Amazing numbers, very impressive, isn't it? 

But I'll tell you more. I received two comments underneath this image, asking me to sew this maxi skirt for purchase. However, I am not the original author of this image (I've tried to find the author, but unsuccessfully), I decided to do what Meg O'Connell and Tamasin Harris asked me:

So, I did it! As the author of the original skirt says "I could make this - sew triangle pieces of fabric and add the embroidery on the top". This sentence has been the only guide for my creative process. Unfortunately, I could not find the fabric of the same wine colour available in my city, so I ordered it on-line. But before it arrives I've decided to do a probation and to sew the same skirt in scarlet red colour. Here is what I managed to produce:

So, dear Mag and Tamasin (or whoever interested in this skirt), if you like my version of this maxi skirt you can leave a comment and I'll contact you through a private message on Glosty. I'll be glad to make this skirt for you in your preferred colour. 

I would also gladly prepare a tutorial-article about how to sew this 6-gore maxi skirt. Please leave a comment if you want to see the tutorial and if interest is high I'll do my best to teach you how to make this skirt in a very easy way.  
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