Kate Moss Sister Stars The Campaign For Red Valentino

By Visitor emma
You sure know Kate Moss, one of the most famous supermodels in the world. But you've probably never heard of Lottie Moss! Who's her? The same surname states the relativity of those two. Let me open up the secret: Lottie is the 16-year-old sister of Kate. And why now I'm writing about her is because she has just started the path of her sister and landed her first major ad campaign for Red Valentino (Fashion Gone Rogue). 

So, now we have two models from the Moss family. I can't really say two sisters look alike, but judge yourself - here is the photo of Lottie: 

The entire campaign for Red Valentino snapped by Tim Walker is very quirky and funny inspired by Disney movies. Earlier this year Lottie appeared in the Calvin Klein Jeans shot and was quite successful. It turns that we'll be seeing this cute blonde Moss Junior throughout the next few decades featuring famous brands (agree that Calvin Klein and Red Valentino is not 'bad' for the begging). So, let's wait for Lottie's next activities in the fashion world. 

Aaah, Kate Moss must be proud of her younger sister.
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