Skorts: Is It A Fading Trend?

By Visitor ClementAna
Not quite sure whether to categorize this article under Skirts or Shorts, I ticked both of these categories. Indeed, skorts are the pairs of shorts with a fabric panel covering it from the front. On the other hand, skorts are the skirts that have divided legs. In fact this type of bottoms has been introduced for women to allow active movements. 

There are two historical reasons for creating skorts. First of all, skorts (also called cullots) were integrated parts of male military uniform worn with knee-length socks or leggings and high boots. Later, in 19th century skorts were designed for women to allow riding astride instead of sidesaddle (Wisegeek). Today, this is the preferable piece for active females involved in sport activities such as golf and tennis. 

It was Zara that brought skorts to the attention of fashion bloggers and the trend hit the Street Fashion. Different variations and prints have been design by many brands and labels. As a result, skorts has transformed from being a practical piece of wardrobe to a necessary trend for fashion lovers. 

However, as it has always happened, not a single fashion trend lasts forever. This summer it is noticeable that skorts are disappearing from the stylish looks of fashion bloggers. August will probably be the last chance to show up with skorts. So if you still want to catch the trend, go on to purchase a beautiful skort. You will find a huge variety of skorts with rich and vibrant colors and prints across the web. Here are presented some lovely ones collected from online stores:

Work Your Angles Skort, Nasty Gal

Gabriella Rocha Christina Skort, 6pm.com

Lemon Print Skort, Topshop

Robert Rodriguez Plaid-Flannel Wrap Shorts, Neiman Marcus

Free People Smocked Waist Skort, 6pm.com

Hache Checked Shorts, Farfetch

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