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We are sure this is exactly for YOU!

Exclusively, Glosty invites every amateur and professional of any age and gender, from every corner of the world to write articles here - in the online fashion magazine and become one of us.

We all believe that it is YOU that creates fashion and that's why ask you to tell the world about your style ideas and direct the further development of fashion.

Why to write articles?

We strongly believe that not only editors and journalists of high fashion magazines and websites can express their thoughts about fashion trends, but it also YOU. We give you a briliant chance to express your thoughts with us on Glosty, to be wildly heard and listened by wide audience.

Writing articles with us on Glosty can be your starting point in the world of fashion whether you want to become a fashion magazaine editor, personal fashion blogger, designer or fashion illustrator. You can start your career here by showing your talents to the global audience of Glosty.

Who can write articles?

EVERYBODY is welcome to write articles on Glosty!

The only thing required you need is a good idea, high motivation and creativity!

You do not need to have a qualification or experience, we all strongly believe that every single person can become a successfull editor, so we highly recommend to try out YOUR talent.

How to get started?

1. To get started with writing an article first you need to sign up to have an account on Glosty.
Just click on REGISTER and the following Sign-up form will appear on your screen:

Glosty sign up form
Fill in your details and press SIGN UP. You will soon receive an email to confirm your account. Please click on your link to activate your account.
2. When your account is activated, you will see MY ACCOUNT in the right corner, which will lead you to the page where you can:

Glosty manage profile settings

How to create articles?

Click on CREATE AN ARTICLE and the article publisher will appear. Here you can write and edit your articles.

*Remember that you need to choose at least one Interest or Category. It will make your article appear on the corresponding page and make it easier for readers to find it.

Glosty text editor
** Please reserve some time to read through the "8 Golden Rules to Follow While Writing an Article" and the two guidelines on article ideas and how to use images in articles.

When you are ready with your article, you can PREVIEW the article and come back to this page to make corrections if needed.
If you are happy with your work, just press PUBLISH and your article will appear on the home page of Glosty and under the corresponding Interests and/or Categories.

You can always go back and update/edit your article.

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