GLOSTY is a new fast-growing initiative in the fashion world. It delivers a new, prosperous approach to
the functions of a fashion website: in fact, Glosty is more than a fashion website. So what is GLOSTY?

Fashion News Site

All fashion lovers are welcome! In Glosty you can read about recent fashion news and trends, browse the photos of fashion weeks and shows, and learn about the latest activities of fashion designers and celebrities. You can filter the fashion articles by choosing your area of interest. You can look through the list of Interests (e.g. Celebrity Fashion, Street Fashion, and Bridal Fashion) or Categories (e.g. Shoes, Dresses, Suites, Perfume) and pick the one that attracts you. You can even save your favourite Interests, Categories and favourite articles in your profile after signing up for Glosty.

Supporter of New Talents

Glosty provides you a unique opportunity to try on writing fashion articles and expressing your opinion about recent fashion developments and occasions. All members of Glosty community are welcome to write fashion articles. You don’t need to be a journalist or writer, all amateurs are welcome! Your written article will be read and assessed by all Glosty visitors. Having a successful published article with lots of upvotes you will be rewarded of Glosty titles (e.g. Reporter, Expert, and Critic).

But it’s not the only way Glosty supports new talents. You can also showcase your hand-made items - design of clothes and accessories, fashion illustrations etc. You will get a precious feedback from Glosty readers and industry experts to improve and develop your products.

Fashion Ambassador Program

Glosty has an honour to host the Fashion Ambassador Program, a new international initiative. You can follow the activities of Fashion Ambassadors from every corner of the world, learn and compare the fashion and lifestyle in different countries. Or YOU can apply to become a Fashion Ambassador and have an honour to represent your country to Glosty.

Fashion Network

By allowing to create personal accounts, Glosty provides an excellent platform for developing professional and non-professional relations within global fashion industry members. If you are a fashion blogger, photographer etc. you can present you activities and portfolio by creating an article in Glosty. This may connect you to fashion experts, you may get exiting offers and you can increase the traffic in your blog/website.

Online Fashion Database

Glosty is not an online-shop. But Glosty has a huge database of all recent items of famous designer collections. You can explore the database by filtering your favorite categories. Are you looking for a new pair of shoes? Just select “Shoes” from the list of Categories (you may find it easily by images!) and explore all recent designer collections of shoes. You will also be directed to the website of a brand to buy the desired item through the link provided.

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