Is Choker Scarf This Summer's Hottest Trend?

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When Dior presented a trend of choker scarves during its Spring/Summer 2016 show, this appeared to be a return of old neck scarf styling. With a chic and delicate touch Dior's designer wrapped tiny scarves around models' necks accompanied with one or a few gemstones. This was a start of a new trend - pairing a choker scarf with jewellery.

dior choker scarf
Source: Vogue

Since Dior's show this trend reached a broader audience of fashion lovers. Some opted to stick with a single choker scarf and avoid additional jewellery. Others, who were more prone to experiments, matched a choker scarf with a piece of jewellery, whether with a brooch or layered with long necklaces. Either way works perfectly and this trend is now expanding very fast!

And why not?! This is an excellent way to accentuate the neck and to make simple looks more interesting and sophisticated. Especially in summer, because of heat we try to avoid layering and adding extra accessories. And a choker scarf with necklaces is a minimum accessory with a maximum impressive effect.

choker scarf, bandana choker, scarves 2016, summer scarves
Instagram: @labambaacessorios

choker scarf, bandana choker, scarves 2016, summer scarves
Instagram: @curtomoda

how to pair a choker scarf with necklaces
Necklaces - Missoma

bandana choker with three layers of necklaces
Scarf - Zara
Pack of necklaces - Zara

If you don't want to go for this complicated pairing, just befriend with a bandana choker. Wrap this 90s trend around your neck as a choker scarf. You can leave out the edges or hide them in the back. Or a skinny scarf can come to help to create an effect of a choker.

bandana scarf, bandana choker in blue and white prints
Source: They All Hate Us

choker scarf in black with white ornament
Source: Boho Buys

choker scarfSource: Otherwise Occupied

Instagram: @howdoyouwearthat

Source: Who What Wear

Forage Fashion

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