France: Modelling agencies and fashion houses might be fined under the new bill

By Visitor NickBertak

From now on France says 'No' to excessively thin models. According to the new bill of France's Parliament it is a crime to hire supper-skinny models or encourage activities that lead to anorexia. Fashion houses and modelling agents might be fined or jailed under the new bill in case of infringement (CBSnews).    

This bill forbids anyone with a body mass less than the levels proposed by health authorities to be involved in modelling career. After the bill is accepted by Senate,  models are required to show a certificate of BMI. At least 18 of BMI, around 121 pounds for a height of 5.7 feet is required to be hired for a job (NBCnews).  

Any modeling agency or an individual that pays a model below the mentioned index might spend six months in a prison and be fined up to 75,000 Euros (Reuters). 

Also, any website that promotes  "seek excessive thinness by encouraging eating restrictions for a prolonged period of time, resulting in risk of mortality or damage to health" will be charged with one year of imprisonment and fines of up to 100, 000 Euros (Reuters)

It is estimated that the number of people having anorexia in France is around 40,000, 90 percent of them women.

The death of French model Isabelle Caro at age 28 due to anorexia increased concerns in modelling industry. Caro was a victim of modelling industry's strict rules: In her interview to VH1, shortly before her death, she said that a fashion designer once told her to lose weight if she wants to be a model, even though at that time she weighed just 86 pounds(CBSnews).     
Isabelle Caro: Thetimes.co.uk
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